Grad Committee & Mural

Grad & Prom Committee

The Grad & Prom Committee is responsible for the creation and distribution of graduation t-shirts and the organization of the Prom dance in late June. 

The committee will also begin preparing for the prom dance by selecting the venue, hiring a DJ, picking the color scheme and theme, ordering the decorations including balloons and flowers, and organizing the table placements for each student. 

Committee meetings begin in October, at which point grad the grad t-shirt is designed and a list of t-shirt orders is made (incl. sizes). By the month of February, t-shirts will be ready to be distributed to all secondary 5 students. 

When: Meetings begin in October of each school year and continue throughout the year. 

Grad Mural

Students are invited to create the graduation mural whereby all the secondary 5 students will be invited to sign it. 

When: March-June

Where:  B-307 (See Ms. Burton for more information