Music Concentration

The Program

The Music Concentration Program is designed to give students the opportunity to enjoy ensemble music through performing in a concert band (made up of woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments). Music Concentration students develop the techniques and knowledge of both musical theory and musical practice as well as the discipline required of a performing musician. Music Concentration students pursue excellence as musicians and endeavour to become outstanding school citizens by participating in concerts, festivals and other events organized throughout the year.



Criteria for Entry:
Students should have some basic musical knowledge, having taken music in Secondary 1 and/or Secondary 2, or from private music lessons. It is not necessary to have previously played a wind instrument.


There are two competencies for music:

Evaluations will include any or all of the following:

Concentration Fees

In addition to regular school fees, a music concentration fee will be charged to cover the cost of possible coaching by specialists, workshops, participation in music festivals, transportation and uniform (polo shirt). All fees are subject to the approval of the Governing Board.

Activities | The Laval Senior Academy (LSA) Concert Band

The main goal of the Music Concentration Program is for students to have fun playing music together. The Music Concentration students of Secondary 3, 4 and 5 join together to form the LSA Concert Band. We love to share our enthusiasm for music with others so performances take place on a regular basis.

These are our main events:

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