Science Concentration

The Program

The Science and Technology Program creates a single discipline by integrating five scientific fields (chemistry, physics, biology, astronomy, geology) and various technological fields. Students will be following the General Secondary 3 Science Program. In addition, Science Concentration will include enrichment through further development of several of the topics and/or additional topics relevant to the science education path. STEM activities will be integrated as much as possible. 


Students in the Science Concentration Program will be required to maintain and improve academic excellence. The students, parents, and teachers will demonstrate a keen interest in the academic progress of the student. Through hard work and interaction with others, the students will be encouraged to investigate, experiment and challenge themselves to the best of their abilities. It is the academic and lifelong learning that will translate into continued growth and success for a student. 


Students entering this program are expected to: 


A separate mark from the general course will be calculated for this section. It will be based on evaluations solely on enrichment topics. 

Code of Conduct

At the beginning of the new school year, students and parents will be required to sign a contract. The family will be agreeing to accept the responsibilities, expectations and conduct as outlined in the contract. 

If the student doesn't respect the contract, they will be subject to a range of consequences up to and including withdrawal from the Science Concentration Program. Parents will be notified in writing by the administration of any decisions taken in this matter. 

Concentration Fees

In addition to regular school fees, a Science Concentration fee will be charged to cover the additional cost of purchase of possible specialized lab equipment, Raspberry Pi equipment and/or other activities specifically for Science Concentration students (e.g. field trips, guest speakers, etc.). 

All fees are subject to the approval of the Governing Board. 

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