Football Concentration

The Program

The Football Concentration Program takes place during the school day. Football courses are part of the students' timetable. Throughout the 9-day cycle, the students will be receiving 4 x 75 minute periods. 


Course Description

Students will learn how to perform the basic skills and techniques involved in the sport of football and will be able to understand the key mechanics involved in each of these different skills and techniques. This program aims to instruct students on how to become better football players, and also keep an open mind to the introduction of other sports that will help them become a well-rounded athlete. 

Content: Footwork, fitness, basic rules of officiating, individual offense, defense, team offense, fast-break, basic rules of the NFL game. 

Academic Excellence

Students in the Football Concentration Program will be required to maintain and improve academic excellence. The teachers will demonstrate a keen interest in the academic progress of their players. All teachers will be discussing the students' performance in school and in the sport. It is the academics and lifelong learning that will translate into continued success. 

Code of Conduct

Prior to final acceptance into the Football Concentration Program, students and parents will be required to sign a contract agreeing to accept the responsibilites, expectations and conduct as outlined in the contract. If the student doesn't respect the contract, they will be placed on probation. Parents will be notified in writing by the administration. 

If the student doesn't show improvement within a certain time period during the probation (designed by the administration), then that student will be asked to leave the program. Please note that if the student is removed from the program, their schedule and teachers can be subject to change. 

Important note: A student can also be removed from the program without probation depending on the severity of their situation (i.e.: severe insubordinate behaviour or poor academics in multiple core subjects). 

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