About Us

Welcome to Laval Senior Academy!

Laval Senior Academy is the largest English-speaking senior high school in the province of Québec. 

We offer a well-defined disciplined structure so that you can be ensured of an environment that is conducive to learning, providing many opportunities to excel in academics, arts, and athletics.

We are an academic school with high standards and many opportunities to build on individual strengths and talents. We strongly believe in partnership with our community, working together as a team to encourage life-long learners. Perseverance, Integrity, Citizenship and Achievement are the core values that exemplify at Laval Senior Academy.

Our Core Values

Perseverance, Integrity, Citizenship, Achievement

Our Motto

"Embracing our Future Together"

School Schedule & Hours

Our school runs on a 9 day cycle of 4 periods of 75 minutes.

Our school hours are 8:55am to 3:35pm. 

Our Mission Statement

Laval Senior Academy provides a solid educational foundation to achieve both academic and personal growth. Our goal is to develop responsible citizens and life-long learners. Through a committed partnership between students, staff and community, we are dedicated to uphold diversity and mutual respect.

Our Vision

Laval Senior Academy is a school where all active members work together, to fulfill potential growth by teaching through engagement. We value respect and strongly believe in integrity, identity, choice and personal responsibility. Our educational programs form the basis for a comprehensive and individualized education, which prepares students for post-secondary studies. LSA is an inclusive school that offers equal opportunity, which embraces diversity and acceptance for all.

Our Facilities

We have one large building that is comprised of over 85 classrooms, one library, one auditorium, one cafeteria, four gymnasiums and four newly renovated science laboratories. Laval Senior Academy has a football/soccer field. We also have a Youth Centre, which houses the Nurse, Psychologist, and Drug Counsellor. The CLC is set up in that area as well.