Basketball Concentration

The Program

The Basketball Concentration Program takes place during the school day. Basketball courses are part of the students' timetable. Throughout the 9-day cycle, the Secondary 3 students will receive 6 x 75 minute periods. 

Important note: Not all the students participating in Basketball Concentration will necessarily be part of our school Basketball teams. That being said, only the students in the Concentration Program will benefit from extra training, extra technical coaching, extra activities, extra periods of Physical Education (soccer) and possible field trips. 

The Objectives

Academic Excellence

Students in the Basketball Concentration program will be required to maintain and improve their academics. The teachers will demonstrate a keen interest in the academic progress of their players. All teachers will be discussing the students' performance. 


Want a printout of our flyer? Click on the document below!

LSA_OH_Basketball concentration_Sep2019.pdf

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