& Procedures



Should any student at Laval Senior Academy not adhere to these behavioural expectations, he/she understands that he/she must accept responsibility for his/her actions. Any of the following sanctions will be applied: 

Detentions / Community Service

Reasons for immediate suspension (internal or external) 

In the event of: 

In certain cases, parents may be required to meet with administration prior to their son/daughter's return to school. 

Academic Integrity

All students must be honest and forthright in their academic studies. The educational process is corrupted when students falsify results of one's research, steal the words or ideas of another or use translation tools such as Google Translate (plagiarism), cheat on an assignment or evaluation, or allow or assist another to commit these acts. Students are expected to do their own work and neither give nor receive unauthorized assistance. Any student who fails to comply with this expectation will be given a grade of "0". Furthermore, Administration reserves the right to impose additional sanctions if necessary. 


Definition: the deliberate, intentional and unauthorized use and imitation of a piece of writing, text, or other work created by someone else other than yourself. This includes information from the internet and all other sources of information, electronic or hard copy. 

All Laval Senior Academy students have been instructed on the seriousness of this offense and what constitutes "Plagiarism." 

We place the same importance on plagiarism as our CEGEPs, trade schools, and universities; therefore, students who plagiarise will face the following consequences: 




Any form of cheating on quizzes, tests, and exams will result in a zero

Promotion Policy

Every class is important and students are expected to take responsibility for their learning and always perform to the best of their ability. 

The decision of the final placement of the student rests with the Principal. 

Homework Policy

Homework is an essential part of the learning process and students are required to: 


Textbooks are lent to students and should be covered. Damaged or lost textbooks must be paid for by the student. 

Absence from ANY Class Evaluation

Unjustified absences may result in a grade of zero. Any missed evaluation due to an unjustified absence will not be rescheduled. Oversleeping, traffic, missing the bus, and non-medical appointments, are not justifiable reasons for absences. It is the student's responsibility to inform the teacher in advance if they have an appointment and/or field trip. 

Absence from MEES and Compulsory Evaluations

An absence from a MEES compulsory exam is only acceptable if the absence involves certain specific conditions. If a student is absent from an exam, the school board must submit evidence to the Director of Sanction des Études which addresses the reason for the absence. The following reasons are accepted with proof: 

Services for Students

Student Services/Youth Centre

The Student Services Department is composed of a team of professionals, which includes, a guidance counsellor, social worker, nurse, drug counsellor, educational psychologist and spiritual animator. 

These professionals are ready, willing and able to assist students and their families with a wide variety of concerns. Students and their families are encouraged to consult this team regarding: 

Summer School 

The purpose of summer school is to enable a student who has failed a subject during the regular school year to receive instruction that will conclude with a final examination. If a student is successful in the final examination, he/she will be promoted to the next level in that course, but might not be used for placement in selected courses. 

Summer school should be used as a second chance for those who feel they can succeed and are prepared to make a sincere effort. Students should not have a mark below 50% to be eligible for summer school. If the mark is lower than 50%, then a school administrator must authorize it. Students who have passed a course and who wish to improve their standing may also enroll in summer school. 

Summer school results will not be used for placement in enriched courses. 


Bus: Students are expected to behave properly and respect their peers and surroundings. Serious infractions will lead to suspension of transportation privileges. Please note that all rules apply on the bus. Please visit STL website for the Student Code of Conduct at www.stl.laval.qc.ca.

Cars, motorcycles and scooters: Students are to respect all the safety rules, especially when entering the school grounds and parking lots. Students are permitted to park their vehicles in the small East parking lot near Daniel Johnson. Students who drive themselves to school must ensure their vehicle is registered at all times during the school year. 

LSA and the SWLSB maintain no responsibility for personal vehicles parked on school grounds. 


The lockers and locks are the property of the school. The principal has the right to open a student's locker and carry out a search should the latter have reasonable suspicion that the Code of Conduct has been infringed by the student. 

Students must use their assigned locker only.

ANTI-Bullying & Anti-Violence

ANTI-Bullying / Anti-Violence

Bullying runs contrary to the values of the LSA community. Everyone at Laval Senior Academy has a right to attend school without being demeaned or abused. Parents, students and staff will do their utmost to ensure that the dignity of all individuals is maintained. We also understand that an effective deterrent to bullying is education aimed at the bully, the bullied and the bystander. The bully must accept responsibility for his/her actions with the full understanding that such contempt for the dignity of others carries swift consequences. 

What is bullying?

"Bullying" is defined as any repeated direct or indirect behaviour, comment, act or gesture, whether deliberate or not, (including in cyberspace), which occurs in a context where there is a power imbalance between the persons concerned and which causes distress, intimidates or ostracises. 

The following actions constitute bullying if they meet the above-mentioned criteria: 

Direct (Physical):

Direct (Verbal):

Indirect (Social & Psychological):

What is cyber-bullying?

Bullying also can happen online or electronically. Cyber-bullying is when children or teens bully each other using the internet, mobile phones or other cyber technology. 

This can include: 

The misuse of technology to threaten, ridicule, spread rumours or defame character will not be tolerated and represents a violation of school safety protocols and as such may warrant suspension, police involvement or expulsion. 

The lists above are not exhaustive. They are intended to provide examples of the various types of bullying. 

Cyberspace reference means over and above school premises and hours. 

At LSA, we believe that all community members need to treat each other with respect. The Anti-Bullying and Anti-Violence plan is in place and reviewed yearly. It is an official document which can be accessed here on our school website. 

Procedures for Reporting a Bullying Incident

The school will take the necessary measures to ensure confidentiality for all parties.

An incident of bullying and/or violence can be reported verbally (in person or by phone) or in writing (by email or by letter addressed to school administration). Students who wish to write a note to report an incident are encouraged to include their name for follow-up. 

Staff members who receive a report must document the information and submit the information to administration for follow-up. 

When parents have been told about a bullying situation or an act of violence, they are expected to communicate with the school principal, an alternate administrator or the classroom teacher. The report will be documented. Following the investigation, the parent should be contacted and advised that the situation has been investigated and appropriate action has been taken. Details are not divulged so as to maintain confidentiality.